Improved Relationships   An unmarried couple had a two-year-old son.  Their relationship had been very short and they communicated only through friends.    The father wanted his son be raised in his faith.  The mother was remarrying and expecting another child.  The mediators focused mom and dad on what was best for their son and not on their past relationship.  Both parents were pleased with their success, agreement and the mediation process.

Peaceful Communities   Two neighbors were referred to mediation by police.  Each had spent hours of time engaging the city, police, lawyers and their families in the dispute over a fence.  Neither could see any other solution than to go to court and let a judge decide.  Although initially reluctant to try mediation, they both agreed.  The session became emotional as the underlying reason for the dispute was discussed – an issue that had little to do with a fence. Instead, each had interpreted a minor incident differently.  Both had felt disrespected at the time and apologized. An agreement was made to leave the property issue alone and work on building a more positive neighborhood climate.

Restored Lives    A family arrived home to find a group of adolescents in the process of burglarizing their home. Virtually every area of their home had been invaded and several items were taken. The family felt extremely violated. In mediation the victims were able to meet with some of the juveniles who caused them harm and had shaken their sense of security. The mediation offered the victims an opportunity to receive personal apologies, help restore their sense of security, and personally offer forgiveness. It also helped the juveniles to understand the full impact of their actions. All parties affected by the incident were able to come up with a plan to bring closure to the incident and move forward in positive directions.